Hello there I'm Lisa 👩🏼‍🚀
I love design, pasta & Paul K
Hope you'll like my work!

Hi there!
I’m a young digital designer.

I’m Lisa Fises, a french and young digital designer.
User experience and great interactions are my priorities. Eating, travelling and film photography are my passions.

Currently in Montreal 🇨🇦, I’m a UX Designer at Akufen. I'm also a fifth year student at HETIC and Designer at Escovery.

Not a day goes by without me eating pasta and listening to good music. Pesto, David Bowie and Paul Kalkbrenner are gods to me.
I never felt as good as during a road trip. I love film photography.
Without any particular reason, I am fascinated by jellyfish and raccoons.

And I think it’s a good start to know me!



Product Designer



UX Designer at Akufen

Designer at IOV

App designer at Escovery





Designer at IOV

App designer at Escovery

Intern at Troa





Product Design

Listening to people, understand them and solve their problems by crafting usable products is the unique design to me. I’m currently doing that at IOV for their multi-chain wallet and I promise you it will change the blockchain world.

Design Thinking

I really love to challenge all the absolute truths of a company and refocus it on its users’s expectations. I’m currently leading workshops and user researches for a french laboratory and trust me there is much to do!

Web Interfaces

Brand DNA, intuitiveness, well-thought interactions and perfect accessibility... Here are all my ingredients to make the web better.

Prototyping & Interaction Design

I always enjoy prototyping my first iterations and seeing how the first-time users interact with it. It’s the best way to have feedbacks and improve my design. Interactions are to me the best way to make a website comes alive.

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